Hartlepool MP calls for unity to fix 'divided' UK as Britain heads towards Brexit and 'uncertain' future

Iain Wright MP
Iain Wright MP

Britain must pull together and face the future after a 'monumental decision' in the EU Referendum, Hartlepool's MP has said.

It now looks almost certain that the Leave campaign will win by a 2% margin, showing a nation torn in two on the issue of the EU.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright said the UK must now heal its divide and face an uncertain future together.

He said: "This is a monumental decision for our country, one which will shape Britain for decades to come. It looks increasingly clear that Vote Leave has won the referendum, and that decision should of course be respected.

"However, the result reflects a deeply divided country, divisions between old and young, England and London and Scotland and Wales.

"The referendum was very much an election not just about Britain's place in the world and our relationship with Europe, but about immigration and people's fear of immigration. I also think the result reflects people's anger and their pessimism about their future."

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Mr Wright added: "There will be enormous uncertainty over the next few hours, days, weeks and months.

"At this stage in the morning, the pound has fallen to its lowest level for over 30 years. The stock exchange is forecast to open with £100 billion wiped off the value of shares, having a negative impact on pensions.

"The task is to try to unite in the face of deep division and work to implement the country's decision in a way which minimises the risk of chaos and uncertainty."