Haulage firm boss tells of parking threat to his South Shields business

A haulage boss says he is being driven round the bend by motorists blocking in his vans by parking too close to the entrance to his firm’s headquarters.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 7:59 am
Glendale Transport's Norman Moore concerns with car parking on Middlefields Industrial Estate

Norman Moore, who owns Glendale Transport in South Shields, has become frazzled by the amount of cars being parked outside.

The increase in vehicles means he’s struggling to manoeuvre and dispatch his fleet, which includes more than 35 vans, lorries and articulated trucks.

Norman Moore concerns with the parked cars blocking the recycling area.

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Council bosses say the extra cars are due to South Tyneside Homes (STH) staff re-locating from elsewhere within the Middlefields Industrial Estate - but there are plans to make designated parking spots.

Norman, who has operated from the Tyne Dock base for the last 15 years, said: “It’s become a nightmare, we’re struggling to get our vans in and out.

“Unless we managed to get a few parked up outside before the cars start to arrive, so we can leave a decent amount of space at our gates, we’re basically stuck.

“This has been going on since just before Christmas and now we’re getting fed up.”

Norman says it’s also impossible for the lorries to get near the recycling banks, which collect donated items.

He said: “The cars are parked right up against them, there’s no chance of the lorry getting in anywhere near to empty them.”

Just last year he contemplated moving his business out of the borough due to traffic jams being caused by visitors to the recycling village,

Norman wouldn’t be keen on double yellow lines being placed there - due to his own vehicles having to temporarily wait outside during the course of the day - therefore risking fines.

He said: “Something does need to be done, I employ over 50 drivers and have nine office staff.

“There’s a small car park nearby, but that just fills up right away, so then people park everywhere.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council added: “Teams from STH have recently re-located from elsewhere within Middlefields estate and would have already been parking in this area.

“We are aware of some issues around parking at Middlefields.

“There are plans to mark the parking area for STH staff which should improve the situation. In the meantime, we would encourage all road users in this area to park in a courteous and responsible manner.”