Carry on nursing – 70-year-old has no plans to retire

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She might have reached the age of 70, but a South Tyneside nurse has no intention of retiring.

Cheryll Robison has just celebrated her 70th birthday with colleagues at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.

I feel very privileged as I am guest in patients’ homes and sometimes may be the only person they see all day.

Cheryll Robison, who is still working at 70, said

But despite the number of years Miss Robison has clocked up, she’s still working part time as a community staff nurse in South Shields and has no plans to call it a day yet.

Miss Robison says she has loved every minute of her 40 years in the profession, adding: “I don’t know what I would do without my job. The satisfaction it gives me is priceless, and it keeps me going.

“I am also lucky to work with an amazing bunch of people in the Cleadon Park district nursing team.”

Miss Robison, of South Shields, is based at the Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre in Prince Edward Road.

Nursing was not Miss Robison’s first choice of career, however.

She started out working in administrative jobs, including as a wages clerk, for some years, but it was seeing her father being cared for in hospital that changed the course of her life.

She said: “He had a brain tumour, and when I saw what the nurses did for him, I decided that maybe this was something I wanted to do too.

“Sadly, I had only been training for four weeks when he died.” The pensioner then started working at the then South Shields General Hospital as a student nurse and, for more than 20 years, she was a staff nurse, mainly in gynaecology and on the male surgery ward.

She has been involved in community nursing for about 12 years.

Miss Robison added: “I feel very privileged as I am a guest in my patients’ homes and sometimes I may be the only person they see all day, so I feel my job is really important.”

Hazel Robertson, her clinical operational manager, said: “Cheryll clearly loves her job and is always very encouraging and supportive with young students coming in to the profession.

“A 70th birthday is really special and her colleagues could not let the occasion go by without laying on a little celebration for her.”

, complete with a cake and candle”