Concern over hygiene in our public loos

Mark Ord angry over no hand towels in Queen Street public toilets
Mark Ord angry over no hand towels in Queen Street public toilets

A CONCERNED South Tynesider says that public toilets in the borough are being left unhygienic.

Mark Ord, of Cleadon Village, claims that council workers have stopped leaving paper towels in toilets throughout South Shields town centre and the seafront.

The 51-year-old seaman also says that the automatic hand dryers in the facilities are no good.

However, council bosses say the hand towels have been removed in order to prevent vandalism.

Mr Ord said: “The hand dryers are rubbish and there’s no hand towels there any more – it’s unhygienic. I’ve been talking to people who work for the council and they say it’s because the hand towels are too expensive.

“I’ve just come back from Trinidad, which is a poor country, but all the public toilets over there had hand towels in them.

“If they can afford it then surely we can. It’s only about 30p for a pack of towels – surely the council can’t be that desperate?”

He added: “I’ve also heard that there’s only two people working in all the public toilets along the seafront. That’s to open them, close them, and clean them – surely that can’t be right?”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “All public toilets across the borough will have hand drying facilities. However, if they are already fitted with an electric hand dryer they will no longer contain hand towels.

“We have previously had issues with vandalism of paper towel dispensers, and electric hand dryers provide a suitable alternative.”

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