Health experts slam club’s binge night

WILD NIGHT ... Joe Sexton, right, with brother Sam, centre, and pal Chris Grout at the last event.
WILD NIGHT ... Joe Sexton, right, with brother Sam, centre, and pal Chris Grout at the last event.

A NIGHT of violence and booze at a South Tyneside nightclub has been slammed as irresponsible by health experts.

Dusk in South Shields, will be hosting an event billed as ‘The Night Out Your Mother Warned You About’ on Friday.

MTV’s Dirty Sanchez stuntmen Matthew Pritchard and Lee Dainton have been hired to entertain revellers by smashing items – including light-tubes – over each other.

The event’s Facebook page claims punters will be given an “insane amount of free shots” and promises them they’ll be ill the next day.

Joe Sexton, 23, one of the night’s organisers, said: “This night is known for cheap drinks. It’s buy-one-get-one-free in some of the bars too. That always makes the night a little crazier.

“Pritchard and Dainton are known for being insane and having very few limits.

“They will just be basically going wild, getting drunk and hurting each other for the whole night.

“Some of the props we have had to get are crazy. These include drumsticks and light-tubes.”

More than 1,000 people attended the last similar night held at the Mile End Road nightclub, in December, and 458 people have already said they will be going along on Friday.

This week’s follow-up will start at Viva, another of the company’s bars, at 10.30pm.

However, Mr Sexton insists the event is safe and that there has never been any trouble.

He said: “A lot of people are saying it’s very irresponsible having a night like this.

“These are normally older people who have forgotten that they used to go just as wild as we do when they were young.

“If they’re still not convinced, they are welcome to a night out on me. I’m sure they will come back next time.

“We’ve never had any trouble at the other ones we’ve had. We work closely with the police to make sure it’s as safe as possible.”

Chief Inspector Brian Walker, of the police’s South Tyneside area command, said: “We are aware of this and have been working closely with the organisers to remind them of their responsibilities when holding events such as this to ensure the safety of anyone attending.

“I’d like to remind people on nights out in South Shields to take note of our safety messages by drinking sensibly – know your limits – and behaving responsibly.

“Officers routinely police the night-time economy and will take proactive action against anyone involved in drunken disorder.”

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the organisers of this Friday’s event have been accused of being irresponsible by an organisation set up to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Colin Shevills, director of regional campaign group Balance, warned that events such as ‘The Night Out Your Mother Warned You About’ only serve to encourage binge drinking.

He said: “Promoting a night out in this way is irresponsible and trivialises alcohol misuse – despite the unhealthy relationship many of us already have with alcohol in the region.

“We appreciate that people want to have a good night, and it is possible for alcohol to be enjoyed as part of a night out without taking it to this extreme.

“Unfortunately, nights like this encourage young people to drink to excess and suggest that drinking to the point of inebriation is amusing or something to be proud of.”

Coun Allan West, lead member for public health and wellbeing at South Tyneside Council, said: “Young people are attracted to promotional events which can offer free alcoholic shots.

“We don’t want to stop people from having fun, but we know that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol often leads to antisocial behaviour, as well as damaging people’s health, and we would encourage people to drink responsibly.”