Number of failures by ex-St Michael’s worker

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FORMER St Michael’s View Nurse Johnsy Johnson failed to give an elderly woman potentially life-saving CPR.

It was one of a number of failures of care cited by a panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The resident, referred to by the initial B, was ‘cold to the touch’ when discovered by Johnson on February 20, 2010, but she failed to perform CPR.

She then told investigators that Resident B had been dead for some time.

Describing Johnson’s failings in respect of Resident B, an elderly woman in her 80s, Denise Horsley, matron at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust said: “Johnson’s care fell short of expected standards.

“In Patient B’s case, there was a failure by Johnson to provide emergency treatment.”

“The only time when resuscitation should not be commenced is if such an order is in place or if the patient is showing clear signs of rigor mortis.

“I remember that all patients were cold at the home – there weren’t enough blankets and the heating system wasn’t working.”

Johnson had also put Resident J at risk of harm by giving the patient suction when she was not trained to do.

She also failed to seek guidance regarding Resident D’s fluid intake and did not summon emergency medical assistance for Resident B.

In respect of Resident C, other failings included not recording her blood glucose levels, not seeking medical advice folowing high blood glucose level readings on more than one occasion, not checking her vital signs following her fall on February 13, 2009, and not seeking medical advice following her fall.

NMC panel chairman Robin Somerville added: “The panel was of the view that the breaches in this case are wide- ranging and serious.

“The case was considered very carefully and the panel decided to make a suspension order for a period of 12 months.”