Obesity crisis: Health chiefs plead with parents to cut children’s sugar intake


PARENTS in South Tyneside are being urged to cut back on their children’s sugar intake to reduce the risk of obesity.

National Child Measurement Programme figures show that 36 per cent of the region’s children in their last year of primary school are already overweight or obese.

A Change4Life campaign, which is being launched today by Public Health England (PHE), encourages parents to cut down the amount of sugar their children consume by making one or more simple changes to their diets.

Dr Roberta Marshall, director of PHE’s North East Centre, said: “This campaign is about taking small steps to address this.

“We know from past campaigns that making simple swaps works and makes a real difference.

“This year we wanted to be even more single-minded in our approach, which is why we are focusing on sugar alone.

“The family challenge highlights that simple swaps could lead to big changes if sustained over time, and we’d urge North East parents to try one more simple swap in January and beyond.”

The sugar swaps include replacing drinks with sugar free alternatives and having yoghurts instead of ice cream.

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