Role models can help young stay trim

ROLE MODEL ... Paralympic gold medallist Josef Craig.
ROLE MODEL ... Paralympic gold medallist Josef Craig.

SOUTH Tyneside role models are to be drafted in to inspire the borough’s young people to stay trim.

One of the recommendations of the scrutiny commission is utilise the fame of X-Factor winner Joe McElderry and Paralympic gold medal swimmer Josef Craig.

The two are to be used to drill home the message of the need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Josef, 15, a pupils at St Joseph’s RC Comprehensive, said: “That’s something that I would be more than happy to get involved in.

“The government keeps telling us that obesity is a big problem but I believe there’s a chance to make it non-existent.

“It’s all down to having the will to lose a bit weight here and there. It can be achieved through hard work.

“If the council wants to use the success I have had to inspire others to lose weight then I’d be glad to play my part.”