Seven signs you could have lung cancer: South Tyneside cancer experts use ‘Mega Lungs’ to raise awareness

Lung cancer nurse specialist Jennifer Blake inside the Mega Lungs
Lung cancer nurse specialist Jennifer Blake inside the Mega Lungs

Cancer nurse specialists from South Tyneside made a big impact on raising awareness of lung cancer – with the help of Mega Lungs.

The 12-feet high educational aid – thought to be the world’s only portable, inflatable, walk-through lung exhibit – was the centrepiece of an event held at South Tyneside District Hospital for Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Lung cancer nurse specialist, Jennifer Blake, said: “The Mega Lungs are an interesting and fun visual aid, which proved to be a great talking point.

“We’re very grateful to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for supplying them.

“Visitors could step inside and see examples of normal lung structures and functions, different lung tumours and conditions, and the effects of smoking.

“We were able to stress the importance of seeking help when experiencing signs or symptoms which could be related to lung cancer.”

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust is the only one in the North East to have consistently achieved the national target since April this year, in the lung cancer specialty for patients who were referred to have their treatment within 62 days.

In 2014, the hospital was top in the country for patient experience of cancer care generally.

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer include:

1) A cough that does not go away or gets worse.

2) Breathlessness.

3) Coughing up blood or blood in your spit.

4) Unexplained weight loss.

5) Chest infections.

6) Chest or shoulder pains

7) Tired or lack of energy

Ways to reduce the risk of lung cancer include:

1) Get help to stop smoking.

2) Reduce your exposure to second-hand smoke.

3) Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

4) Reduce your fat intake.

5) Eat less salt and sugar.

5) Reduce how much alcohol you drink.

6) Take regular exercise.