The full plan for tackling obesity

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THE recommendations are:

1 – A yearly report on obesity levels to be presented to a council select committee.

2 – Obesity programme to place greater emphasis on health promotion and services for children, men, older people and Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

3 – Greater health awareness provision within schools.

4 – Raise awareness among school governors.

5 – Use borough’s summer programme of activities to provide opportunities for young people.

6 – Approach local celebrities to be ‘lifestyle models’.

7 – Work with Academy schools to maintain nutritional standards.

8 – Work with young mums to highlight healthy eating.

9 – Work with expectant mums on weight issues.

10 – Develop an holistic and family-friendly approach to the issue.

11 – Promote walking as a healthy option.

12 – Staff to be trained in motivational techniques.

13 – Training for GPs in deprived areas on services available to prevent people becoming overweight.

14 – Identify good practice among local authorities across the country.

15 – Encourage healthy eating at borough workplaces.

16 – An audit of leisure services to be carried out to ensure right service is available.