Tyne Tunnel signs will remind motorists of smoking ban

Stuart Sutton, operations manager of TT2 Limited.
Stuart Sutton, operations manager of TT2 Limited.

The company which operates the Tyne Tunnels aims to help raise awareness of the new law banning smoking in vehicles containing children.

The new legislation comes in on October 1 and with up to 50,000 journeys a day being made through the two tunnels, TT2 Limited and campaign group Fresh North East have teamed up.

They felt the electronic signage on the entrances to the northbound and southbound tunnels will be a good way to display reminder messages to drivers about the new laws when not in use for traffic management purposes.

Rachel Turnbull, chief executive of TT2 Limited, said: “The health benefits of the ban on smoking in cars that contain children are unquestionable and the new legislation is something we wholeheartedly support.

“I am sure these feelings will be mirrored by the overwhelming majority of users of the Tyne Tunnels, but while we believe that most will already refrain from smoking in such circumstances, it is right that we help get the message across to everyone.

“We hope that this ban will help to improve the health of many children, not just now but for their entire lives, so we are supporting Fresh North East with these signs to help raise awareness and understanding of the ban.”

Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh, said: “It is really important we give children legal protection from smoking in cars and fantastic to see TT2 raising awareness about the new law from October 1.

“Breathing in smoke is not children’s choice and smaller, developing lungs are especially vulnerable to smoke.”