WELL-Wishers help Shape Zac’s future

HELP ... Zac Amos wearing his special helmet, with mum Gemma Robson.
HELP ... Zac Amos wearing his special helmet, with mum Gemma Robson.
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LITTLE Zac Amos is looking forward to a happy and healthy future thanks to the generosity of South Tynesiders.

The seven-month old tot suffers from plagiocephaly – flat head syndrome – after being born with a weak neck muscle.

His mum Gemma Robson revealed last month how she wanted to raise £2,000 to buy her son a special helmet to help reshape his head as funding wasn’t available on the NHS.

Within days of the Gazette running Zac’s story, readers had donated £750 and more than £2,000 was raised at a charity night held at the Rose and Crown Pub in Prince Edward Road, South Shields.

Now the youngster, from Cleadon Park, has been fitted with his new space-themed helmet and already his mam can see a change.

Gemma, 30, who also lives with partner Steven Amos and eldest son Luke, 10, said: “We have been blown away by the support and kindness from people, we never thought we’d be able to raise so much we’re so grateful.

“Zac’s had his helmet on for just over a week now and already at the back of his head I can feel a sort ofridge coming on.”

For the first five days, Zac had to alternate wearing the helmet every other hour.

Since Monday, he’s had it on for 23 hours a day only taking it off for an hour to bathe.

Although every child is different, it’s expected the youngster’s condition will be fixed within the next three to four months.

Gemma said: “He’s not been a bit a of bother, it’s like he doesn’t even know it’s there to be honest, he’s just laughing and giggling as always. He hasn’t tried to pull it off or anything, he doesn’t seem to mind, which is a good thing.”

Every two weeks, Zac will be checked over by doctors and there’s no reason why the procedure won’t be a success.

The £1,000 which was left over from donated cash will now be handed to Headstart – a charity which helps youngsters to buy specialist equipment.

Gemma added: “We’re very hopeful that it’s going to work and we’re so thankful to everyone who has donated cash, raffle prizes and came along to the charity night.”

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