Heartache as Bradley Lowery's family reveals cancer has 'progressed'

Tributes have poured in for Bradley Lowery.
Tributes have poured in for Bradley Lowery.

The family of brave Bradley Lowery have shared the heartbreaking news that the youngster's condition has worsened.

The five-year-old, who is battling neuroblastoma, had an MRI scan today after suffering pain in his legs.

The scan revealed that his cancer had progressed, despite the Blackhall youngster receiving pioneering treatment in London.

Bradley's family were given the awful news last December that his cancer was terminal, after a fundraising campaign had seen over £700,000 raised to help take him to America for treatment.

The family are still hoping to be able to take Bradley there for more vital treatment in a bid to prolong his life, but in a post today on Facebook, it was revealed his condition had worsened.

The post on the Bradley Lowery's fight against neuroblastoma page said: "Bradley has been experiencing a lot of pain over the past few weeks with his legs.

"Originally we thought it might have been from him doing too much playing.

"However, he went for an emergency MRI today and it has been confirmed that his cancer has progressed a lot and this is what is causing the pain.

"The consultant is trying to organise radiotherapy on the site to allow us to get to America but we will know more tomorrow.

"This is not good news for us and things are moving too fast."