Heartbroken mum left with nowhere to turn

ALFIE Leggett and Susan Clarkson are pushing their own grief aside to help raise the funds needed for a service they have described as “vital” for youngsters.

The couple’s lives were turned upside on December 22 when their nine-year-old son Jack died two months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

But despite their suffering, Alfie, 45, and Susan, 47, are determined to help raise the £30,000 needed for a bereavement support service for children and young people of all ages to be established in South Tyneside.

The couple, from Primrose Avenue, South Shields, also have twin sons, James and Thomas, 11, who received support through their school after their brother’s death, but say if that had not been forthcoming they wouldn’t have known where to turn.

They felt compelled to come on board to join Emma, Jean and Davy after hearing how they struggled to find bereavement support for their children.

Alfie said: “When we lost Jack our whole world was turned upside down. We were lucky our sons were able to access the support they needed through their school.

“But not all schools are able to deliver that service, and what if the child needs support during school holidays? If this help had not been available, we would have been in the same position as the families we are working with now.

“I know people can say ‘well, why can’t you travel to Newcastle?’ but some people haven’t got cars to get there, and trying to take children on public transport to receive bereavement support, it’s just wrong.

“There should be a service here in South Tyneside.”