Holidaymaker trapped in Sharm el-Sheikh hoping to return home to South Shields

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A man from South Tyneside, who is trapped while on holiday in Egypt, says he has no idea how he is to get home.

Businessman Craig Hobson’s trip to Sharm el-Sheikh is due to come to an end on Saturday, but after flights from the popular holiday destination to Britain were grounded following the Russian plane crash, he was left worrying about when he will get home.

The British Government suspended all flights to and from the Egyptian resort two days ago.

Stranded Britons were due to begin returning home, but now there are reports that Egyptian authorities have suspended the rescue flights.

Speaking last night, the 42-year-old from South Shields said there had been no useful information from his tour operator and, like other holidaymakers, he was relying on news broadcasts for updates.

He is currently staying at the Reef Oasis Blue Bay and says, despite the size of the hotel, its outdoor features are quiet, with many tourists choosing to stay in their rooms or in the hotel.

Everyone is calm but most British holidaymakers are staying in their room or hotel.

Craig Hobson

Mr Hobson who runs TVR Removals, said: “It is pretty hectic over here.

“Everyone is calm, but most British holidaymakers are staying inside as everyone is suspicious that there is more to this, other threats, that we do not know of yet.

“There has been discussions around mass evacuations of a whole resort. Why would they be talking about this if there were not other factors at play?”

He added: “I had a walk down to the big leisure pool, yesterday, and there were seven people there. It is such a large hotel but it is so quiet, it is quite eerie.”

Mr Hobson travelled to Sharm El-Sheikh – a place he has visited a number of times in the past – with Bobby Storey, 24, from South Shields, friends from Cambridge and London and his godchildren Archie 14 and Sydni, nine.

He said: “We have no idea what is going happen. There has been no communication from our tour operator. The office in the foyer is no longer manned and there is never anyone to speak to.

“The team they have here seem to be local employees rather than English people and seem to know little if anything about what is going on. They seem to relying on updates from guests watching the news in their rooms.”

Mr Hobson said he had been considering a contingency plan as there were flights to Amsterdam with Turkish Airlines.

But he said that would have meant flying against Foreign Office advice.

He added: “Being self-employed, it is important I get back for work, but I also have to balance the safety issue against this.

“All we seem to be doing is waiting for the next update on the news.”

The Metrojet Airbus 321, bound for St Petersburg, crashed just 23 minutes after leaving Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday – with the loss of 224 lives – and the British Government has declared that a bomb was the likely cause.