Holistic therapist hosts well-being sessions

Sarah Hunt, right, with Susan Smalley
Sarah Hunt, right, with Susan Smalley

A South Tyneside woman who turned her interest in holistic therapy into a career is reaping the success of her hard work.

Sarah Hunt, of Whtburn, launched Rosebud Holistics after being made redundant from her job as a biomedical scientist.

A fourth holistic and wellbeing event has been organised

A fourth holistic and wellbeing event has been organised

Now, going into her third year as her own boss, she has not only increased her client base - but is also organising holistic and wellbeing events.

Three events have been sell-outs - an session with Clare Quinney from Sound Sensations, and two sessions with life discovery coach Susan Smalley.

Now, a fourth date has been set for Clare to return to Whitburn - to host a Mala Bead making workshop on October 13.

The events are held at Whitburn Methodist Church.

Sarah, who runs Rosebud Holistics from her home in North Guards, Whitburn, said: “I’m now going into my third year in business and everything is going really well. I have a lot of people who come back regularly.

“I decided to launch the events to help to spread the word about holistic therapy and to also giving people the opportunity to try things they haven’t done before.

“With the way life is so fast paced and with all the technology around, the evening gives people the time to relax and have time for themselves.

“All the events that I have organised since April have been well attended. They have been enjoyable and successful in bringing unique experiences to Whitburn, spreading the word about mindfulnesss, benefits of holistic therapies, and relaxation which benefit mental health and community spirit.

“They just give people the chance to take time out and relax.”

The evening sessions cost £20 and include refreshments.

For details and to book visit Rosbud Holistics on Facebook or call 07931 924872.