Horse-loving blood clot survivor raises vital funds for Lifeblood

Horserider Rachel Hambling is organising a charity night for Lifeblood
Horserider Rachel Hambling is organising a charity night for Lifeblood

A CHARITY champion who survived a life-threatening blood clot has added to the fundraising pot to help battle the deadly condition.

Rachel Hambling, 29, an occupational therapist at South Tyneside Hospital, was a phone call away from death after blood clots formed on her lung in January 2011.

The blood clots developed as she slept, and it was only a phone call which saved her life, as she was struggling to breathe when she woke and immediately contacted her GP.

Horse lover Miss Hambling has made an excellent recovery – and is back horse riding regularly again at Wheathall Farm, in Whitburn.

She has organised a series of events to bolster the coffers of national thrombosis charity, Lifeblood, including a fancy dress horse riding and show jumping afternoon, and a charity night, at the Armstrong Hall, in Stanhope Road, South Shields.

The fundraisers proved such a big hit that Cues Pool Club, in Plymouth, gave a donation of more than £200 after a charity night was held in memory of a girl who passed away, aged six, due to a rare stroke caused by a thrombosis

Organiser Danny Bolt scoured the internet to find a suitable charity and came across Miss Hambling’s fundraising page.

Miss Hambling, of Lumley Avenue, Marsden, said: “Danny searched justgiving for a page raising funds for a thrombosis-related charity and found my story, and chose to donate the £232.62p to my page.

“I have thanked them and sent a thank you card to the pool club and one to the parents of the little girl who sadly died to thank them for their kindness and helping me to exceed my target amount.

The donation has helped Miss Hambling to raise £1,557 and counting for the charity.

Miss Hambling added: “I am overjoyed with the support I’ve had from everyone. I am leaving my justgiving page open until March if people still want to donate.

Miss Hambling will toast four years since her blood clot scare on January 24, with her own “clot-iversary”.

She added: “I will, as I always have, be celebrating my ‘clot-iversary’ with friends and family to mark the fact I’m one of the lucky ones.”

You can add to Miss Hambling’s charity haul by logging onto