How to keep your home warm as the winter weather continues to bite

Winter has shown it was far from over last week as snow, ice and freezing temperatures giving us the shivers.

Tips on staying warm in winter
Tips on staying warm in winter

Here's some advice from the experts at Corgi HomePlan on how best to keep your home warm and your bills low when the chilly weather bites:

Keep draughts out

Tips on staying warm in winter

Draughts can come through the tiniest of gaps. Draught excluders at the bottom of doors can really help block draughts and keep the heat in.

Cat flaps on your doors can also let the draughts in however this can be prevented by filling them with wool insulation or pieces of a blanket to try and stop the cold from getting in with your pets. Make sure you also close doors in each room, to make sure the heat stays in and the draughts stay out.

Cosy curtains

Investing in a thick pair of lined curtains is a great tip to trap the heat in. They will help keep the warmth in the room in, whilst providing a layer in between the room and the window to stop any draughts.

Tips on staying warm in winter

However, make sure you draw them open each day so that the room can absorb sunlight. Doing this means that the heat from the sunlight will circulate around the room and the curtains will help trap the heat in the room

Uncover the heat

If your furniture is placed in front of the radiator it can prevent heat circulating around your home.

If you have part of a unit or furniture in front of a radiator in your home, during winter, it’s best to reshuffle the room around, this way you’re able to gain access to the heat from the radiator otherwise, you aren’t able to use your radiators, covering the heat defeats the purpose of using them.

Dress for cold weather

When it is cold outside, dress in layers, wear slippers on your feet and add a hat to your ensemble to avoid putting the heating on and still stay warm.

In bed, use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to stay cosy while you sleep. Make sure you decorate the house too, by putting rugs on the floor, insulated curtains in the windows and warm blankets on the sofas will also help you stay warm.

Plan ahead

Think ahead when planning your heating to make sure you stay warm, save money and energy.

Most heating systems allow you to set timers, meaning you can make sure your home is comfortably warm when you wake up and get home from work.

Set your heating 15-30 minutes before you need it to turn on and turn it off 30 minutes before you leave or go to bed, this way you won’t waste energy heating a home whilst no one is there.

Have warming food and drinks

Regularly eat hot, hearty meals such as porridge, soup and stew and drink lots of warm drinks.

Keep a friendly eye on neighbours, older relatives and friends who may not be able to get out if the weather is too bad, share some homemade stew with them and check they are coping well, sharing is caring!

Stay active

Maintaining an active lifestyle to boosts your circulation. It is best to move around at least once an hour, even just light exercise like this will help you stay warm.

If you are sheltering from the cold and binge watching TV series, a short walk upstairs can boost your circulation.

For more advice on staying warm this week visit Corgi HomePlan’s free advice site.