This is how Newcastle United could get DeAndre Yedlin's suspension overturned

Newcastle United could launch an appeal against DeAndre Yedlin's three-game suspension - but how would it work?

DeAndre Yedlin was shown red for Newcastle
DeAndre Yedlin was shown red for Newcastle

Rafa Benitez was left seething after Mike Dean dismissed the full-back during the 2-1 defeat to Wolves, and could launch an appeal against the decision to ban the American.

A successful appeal would see Yedlin's ban overturned, but what happens when a club tries to appeal a red card?

Here's exactly what happens in the process:

When do clubs need to appeal a red card by?

Clubs have until 1pm on the first working day following the game in which the red card was given to appeal the decision.

That means the Magpies will have to compile all the evidence required by this afternoon in order to submit an appeal.

Newcastle will also have to pay for the appeal, and will not receive the sum back should they be unsuccessful.

What evidence can Newcastle submit?

Newcastle can submit written evidence and a copy of the incident on the DVD.

However, neither Yedlin nor the referee can attend the meeting to give evidence in person.

Who makes the decision on whether to overturn the red card?

The appeal against the red card is heard by an Independent Regulatory Commission - a panel put together by the FA to decide on such matters.

Generally, the panel is comprised of three individuals who are not affiliated with the FA who assess the footage and written evidence before deciding whether a suspension is fair given the incident.

What do they consider when making a decision?

The commission have to see that there was an 'obvious error' in order to overturn the ban.

This means there must be a glaringly obvious mistake from the official for the ban to be overturned.

They aren't debating whether or not they feel the decision is harsh, they are merely looking for a clear error which should result in the ban being overturned.

Naturally, this sets a high precedent and is why many appeals are unsuccessful.

Can the ban be extended?

Yes - should the commission uphold the ban they can add matches on to the suspension at their discretion.

This is rarely seen, however.

When will a decision be made?

The commission tend to meet on a Thursday, so Newcastle United could expect a decision by the end of the week should an appeal be launched.

If all goes to plan, then Yedlin could be available for the trip to Huddersfield Town next weekend.