Hundreds of tenants at risk of eviction across South Tyneside according to charity's figures

The threat of eviction is facing hundreds of households across South Tyneside, a charity has warned.

Shelter has looked at the risk of eviction facing tenants across the region.
Shelter has looked at the risk of eviction facing tenants across the region.

Alarming new figures from housing charity Shelter have revealed more than 5,000 renting households in the North East were put at risk of losing their home in the past year – equivalent to 12,424 renters.

The new analysis of statistics from the Ministry of Justice, showed that 1 in every 83 rented homes in the North East were at risk of eviction

The charity identified the ‘home threat hotspots’ across the region where renters face the greatest risk of losing their home, which comes as a result of the chronic shortage of affordable homes combined with crippling welfare cuts.

Across South Tyneside, which comes fifth in a list of 12 locations across the region, one in 78 homes is at risk.

That is 372 across the borough.

North Tyneside topped the list with one in 46 rented homes under threat of eviction, followed by Middlesbrough (one in 68), and Northumberland (one in 68).

The volume of people facing eviction who are coming to Shelter for advice in England is getting higher and higher.

In the past year alone, over 9,800 people facing eviction called the Shelter helpline for advice and over 500,000 people visited the Shelter website’s eviction advice pages.


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Nadeem Khan, helpline adviser for Shelter, said: “Every day at Shelter we hear from people who are struggling to keep up with their rent, many in total desperation after the court papers land on their doormat and the threat of being evicted becomes very real.

“It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but remember you’re not alone – Shelter is here 365 days a year. So if you’re struggling to keep up, or facing eviction and not sure what to do next, get expert advice as soon as possible.

"It can be the difference between losing your home and keeping it."

More information via Shelter is available via or on 0808 800 4444.