‘I will never stop looking for you my darling’ promises mum of toddler taken by ex-wife

Tasha Brown with Kaydance.
Tasha Brown with Kaydance.

The mum of a toddler at the centre of an international ‘abduction’ case sparked when her former partner fled has issued a fresh heartfelt appeal for her return.

Two-year-old Kaydance Paige Etchells was taken from her Canadian home on May 8 by her mother Lauren Etchells, who is from South Shields.

Kaydance, pictuired with Lauren Etchells.

Kaydance, pictuired with Lauren Etchells.

Lauren, then 31, had separated from her wife Tasha Brown in July last year after they had Kaydance through a donor in September 2014.

The girl was living with Lauren, who left South Tyneside as a teenager to live in Qatar and has a dual UK/Canadian citizenship, but was the subject of custody proceedings between the women.

In August last year, Lauren was told to surrender Kaydance’s UK passport, not to apply for a Canadian one or leave Vancouver Island or the country’s west coast as part of a court order.

Tasha contacted police when she went against that and got a Canadian document for her daughter and left for London Gatwick with her new partner Marco van der Merwe and their new born son Marcus.

I will never stop looking for you my darling.

Tasha Brown

Detectives have worked alongside Interpol to establish Lauren, Kaydance and Marcus travelled on to France on passports issued in the UK and none have been seen since May.

There have been reports Lauren and her children have also travelled elsewhere in Europe and to the Middle East.

Teacher Tasha, who also goes by the surname Adeen, runs the Facebook page Where in the World is Kaydance? as well as a Go Fund Me page, which she says is to raise awareness rather than funds.

On it, she says she believes friends and family know where her girl is, but have been persuaded to not share that information.

Lauren Etchells with Kaydance when she was a baby.

Lauren Etchells with Kaydance when she was a baby.

In her latest video Tasha says: “Just know that Mama T loves you and I miss you.

“I will never stop looking for you my darling.

“I hope that soon you will be returned home.”

Tasha says her parentage has been reinstated by a judge since May and that he has suffered heart issues, since Kaydance’s disappearance.