IN PICTURES: Seven of our dogs still need a new home

THANKS to kind-hearted readers, five homeless hounds have been given the gift of family this Christmas.

After reading our 12 Dogs of Christmas appeal, readers flocked to Cleadon Kennels to see if they could give a home to stray dogs.

Joe is one of the dogs still looking for a new home

Joe is one of the dogs still looking for a new home

Just under half of those dogs now have a home to call their own.

Kennel manager Aimee Everest said: “We had loads of people come for viewings last Saturday as a direct result of the appeal. I’m glad those five dogs now have homes, but I wish people would be more open to breeds, such as Staffies.

“People come along with the expectation of a perfect dog, which you can never guarantee.”

Seven dogs from the appeal still need your help.

They are:

2) ENERGETIC Elsa is looking for someone who likes long walks.

The three-year-old cross-Labrador was found wandering in West Boldon, looking for her owner.

But they never came forward to collect her and now Elsa needs a new home.

“She’s quite small, but she loves long walks,” said Aimee.

3) FUDGE is a real sweetie. Dog wardens found her up to her neck in water after she was tied to a lamppost in Washington during heavy rainfall.

But despite a traumatic few weeks, the chocolate Lakeland terrier is still full of beans.

Aimee said: “Fudge is about two or three. She’s not very good with kids, but she’s great with other dogs and adults. She’s a lovely dog, a proper little character.”

5) BARNEY just wants to be loved.

He’s a three-year-old male Staffordshire bull terrier, just one of hundreds of this breed who end up in the kennels each year.

“We get inundated with Staffies,” said Aimee. “They are such a misunderstood breed. With the right owner they are beautiful pets.”

8) RED Socks is another of the kennel’s Staffies.

She was also found abandoned in Town End Farm.

“She’s about four,” said Aimee. “She’s very quiet and loving, she loves snuggles. People see Staffies as a fashion accessory then just abandon them when they get bored of them.”

9) GIVE Dom a home.

He’s a big Staffordshire bull terrier, but he’s a gentle dog.

“He’s got a good temperament,” said Aimee about the five-year-old. “He’s very laid back and quiet and would fit in with any family.”

11) SANTA’S Little Helper would love for you to take her home.

Found wandering in Silksworth, the black lurcher’s very timid.

“She’s very very quiet and placid. She’d rather back away from you, than come to you,” said Aimee. “But she’s just nervous, it looks like she was used as a working dog as she has scars on her nose. She’d be quite happy with a nice, warm fire and a comfy settee to lie on.”

12) PEOPLE are put off by Joe’s size, but Aimee says people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“He’s another Staffy and he’s big, which puts people off,” said Aimee. “I have Staffies and they make lovely pets. He was treated for a skin condition when he came in from Hendon as he had untreated fleas, but he’s fine now.”

n Cleadon Kennels, in Cleadon Lane, has viewing days on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm. The last viewing before Christmas will be tomorrow and it will re-open on January 3. Anyone interested in the dogs featured can take them home for a £50 adoption fee. This includes a free vet’s check, free micro-chipping, free neutering and four weeks’ free pet insurance. For more information Tel. 529 2369.