Is the North East set for an ‘Arctic plunge’?

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THE North East has been enjoying plenty of sunshine this week – but national headlines state Winter is set to return.

Reports reveal that an icey blast of air is heading across the UK to leave us all shivering over the coming days. What has been dubbed an ‘Arctic plunge’ could even bring snow in places.

But don’t head for the thermals just yet, as Met Office forecasters reveal a different picture for our region.

The organisation says polar winds are set to cause tmperatures to dip ahead of the weekend, but only to the average for this time of year.

Here’s the Met Office forecast for the coming days:


After a chilly start, especially in rural locations, everywhere will have another dry and rather warm day with light winds. However, there is likely to be more cloud around compared to Tuesday. Feeling cool along the coast. Maximum Temperature 16C.


Patchy cloud at first will become more widespread, and may be accompanied by areas of mist along the coast. Generally slightly milder compared to last night. Minimum Temperature 4C.


A predominantly dull and cloudy start is expected, with perhaps some areas of coastal mist, then gradually very warm spells of sunshine will develop. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Friday dry and bright start then increasing chance of showers or longer spells of rain arriving, these probably persisting Saturday. Temperatures closer to average. Sunday sunny spells and showers, colder.

Next week:

Unsettled with chance of heavy downpours and thunderstorms.