Is this a UFO? Watch the video and decide

UNIDENTIFIED flying objects in the skies above South Tyneside have sparked a UFO frenzy.

Dozens of Gazette readers have got in touch after Gary Sinclar revealed he spotted a strange orange light – which resembled a burning plane – above his home in West Harton, South Shields, on Halloween.

However, the light which appeared to speed up before it vanished was seen all across the borough on various nights.

Jed and Pauline McConville, were amazed when they saw the UFO on November 5, above the New Mill pub in Chesterton Road, South Shields, just after 5pm.

Mr McConcille said: "It just seem to speed up and stopped all of a sudden before vanishing." Robert Shaw was quick enough to capture it on his mobile phone as he attended a Halloween party in Sunderland.

He said: "Having heard a few aircraft that evening, I would have assumed it was a plane, but for the fact that it was bright orange and completely silent.

"I don't think it was a balloon because it was too high, and it was travelling too fast as it wasn't very windy."

One of the most recent sightings was on November 6, when Gavin Martin made his way to York Avenue in Jarrow, at about 8pm.

He was so stunned he got out of his car and watched the light quickly shoot off and join two other orange orbs to form at triangle in the


He said: "It looked amazing, but was quite frightening at the time not knowing what it was.

"It definitely wasn't a Chinese lantern or balloon, as this thing was quick."

Mr Martin's friend also saw the lights on November 8 and 10, in the Tyne Dock area.

The Gazette's paranormal expert Mike Hallowell believes Mr Shaw's footage could be that of a Chinese lantern, but he's not certain.

Last November, Mr Hallowell experienced seeing similar lights himself.

He added: "I've had a look at the video footage, and it's quite interesting. It's not too clear, but my instinct is that it could be a Chinese lantern.

"However, you can't be certain. It seems to be quite large and the light is quite intense.

"You just can't rule out the possibility that it's not a UFO."