Is this the face of the salon ghost?

IS this the face of the ghost haunting a South Tyneside hairdressers?

The mysterious silhouette was captured on the back wall of Jazz, in Frederick Street, South Shields, by Gazette columnist and ghost-buster Mike Hallowell.

He'd been invited along by salon owner Sheena Carmichael and her staff to try to get to the bottom of some of the spooky goings-on in their shop.

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Armed with a camera, Mr Hallowell took a few snaps of the salon, which has allegedly been haunted for the last 11 years by strange voices and moving objects.

He said: "When I was looking back at the pics at first, they seemed normal.

"It wasn't until I zoomed in, and I noticed the strange face-like image on a few of the pictures."

Stunned by the ghostly image, which resembles a well-built man, with a prominent nose, Mrs Carmichael went over the wall to have a look.

She said: "I'd gone to the back of the shop where the face was, and as I did, the door to my right suddenly slammed shut. It was very odd and certainly gave us a few chills.

"There's no way it was any kind of reflection from Mike, because he was sitting too far away."

Legend has it the building was formally used by the Unionist club in the 1950s, and during this time a man died after falling down the cellar stairs.

Mr Hallowell has sent the pictures off to be analysed, and an overnight vigil is to be organised to gather more evidence from the salon.

He added: "The images taken inside the shop may be nothing more than strange combinations of light and shade, but the intriguing thing is, there were so many of them, and they have a clarity not often found in similar images taken elsewhere.

"Until they have been analysed further we can't make any definite pronouncements, but even putting the pictures aside, there is little doubt in my mind that something very strange indeed is happening at Jazz."