Is this the moment a UFO was caught on video flying over Sunderland?

A Sunderland mum claims there could be other life out there after spotting strange lights in the Wearside sky.

Julie Adams was sitting in the garden of a friend’s home in Roker when she saw what she thought was a UFO hovering overhead.

The 27-year-old said her friend Beth Campbell zoomed in with the camera on her phone and recorded the object.

Student Julie, who is mum to Mya, four, and is expecting a baby in October, said she has no idea what the object might have been.

She said: “I was just looking up and saw the flashing, at first I just thought it was a star.

“We zoomed in with the camera and couldn’t believe my eyes, I had no idea what it was.

I zoomed in with the camera and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Julie Adams

“I started looking online and it definitely looked like a space ship other people have seen.”

Julie, who has lived in Sunderland for six years, said she does believe there are UFOs out there and claims this is the second time she has seen one.

The Silksworth mum, said: “I was born in Brazil and remember seeing something very similar when I was a little girl, only that time they were coloured lights, this time the lights were all white.”

Julie said the strange sighting in Roker, at around 11pm on Tuesday, lasted for several minutes before disappearing and she is on the lookout for it again and hopes others may have seen it.

Julie Adams

Julie Adams

She said: “I have been out every night to see if I can spot it again.”

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Julie Adams believes UFOs are out there

Julie Adams believes UFOs are out there