'It's like I'm on holiday every day' - outpouring of love for South Shields after Kevin Maguire pens open 'love letter' to town


Visitors, incomers and Sanddancers a like have been showing the love for their home town after it was given national praise from one of its most famous children.

Journalist and broadcaster Kevin Maguire, who is a University of Sunderland honorary graduate, sparked an outpouring of appreciation for South Shields after penning an open "love letter" to the town in an article for The Mirror.

Gazette readers were thrilled with his comments, and left their own tributes to the town on our Facebook page.

Andrea HC said: "As a Mancunian who has just relocated here, I am constantly bemused at the negativity thrown at this wonderful place.

"I feel so blessed to be living here. The amount of free events, the culture, the beaches, the facilities, the house prices and the proximity to several great cities make this place a real gem.

"I have lived all over the UK and there’s not one town centre that’s not struggling. I think people need to focus on what we do have here and not keep griping about what we don’t. My quality of life - just by being near our wonderful beaches, is amazing."

"I truly love it. I keep telling my friends that because I’m so close to the beach that it’s like I’m on holiday every day."

Denise King said: "Super sunny South Shields - a great place to have a happy life."

Halema Meah Greaves said: "There is no place like South shields. I love my little town."

Isabelle Taylor said: "Lovely to hear such praise for South Shields, my home town. The beaches are beautiful, much better than lots of the more well known ones in Great Britain. I always head for the seafront whenever I return to Shields. I had a lovely childhood there and return whenever I can"

Eddie Czestochowski said: "It also has one of the best parkruns in the UK."

Pat Hallwood said: "We love it, we have a caravan in South Shields and I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Doris Riley said: "Thank you for praising our town, so nice to hear glad you're happy here."

Samantha Kelly said: "South Shields and Kevin are both class acts."