It's not wrong to speak out

Hurrah for Donald Trump.

At long last we have a man not afraid to stand up and speak the truth.

For far too long now there have been people, especially politicians, afraid to speak out and admit how much of a problem this mass migration of people into Europe is causing.

For far to long we have had to put up with politicians denying the massive negative impact these migrants are having on, not just our hospitals, schools, housing and jobs, but also the very cultures of these countries.

We are informed by the Government and media that anyone who dares to condemn or speak out against the thousands of immigrants entering Europe are both racist and prejudiced against foreigners and very much in the minority.


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This is not the case, the majority of Europeans worry about the effect these migrants are having on their countries, and what’s wrong with that?

Remember politicians are a breed apart, they make decisions that don’t effect them or their families, it’s the ordinary people that are effected.

How can it be fair that a small number of over privileged, uncaring people can rule the world?

M McArdle