Jail for man who stabbed his partner and threatened to bite Pc's head off

Michael Devlin was jailed for 26 months by a judge at Newcastle Crown Court.
Michael Devlin was jailed for 26 months by a judge at Newcastle Crown Court.

A man has been jailed after attacking his partner and police officers in two separate incidents.

Michael Devlin stabbed his girlfriend in the leg with a knife after throwing it on the floor and slashing the kitchen wall with it near her head.

When she contacted the police following the incident on August 15 last year, officers were unable to gain entry to her South Tyneside home.

They saw the victim crying and Devlin, who swore at them, stabbing the window with the knife.

When they used force to enter the property, Devlin threw the knife he had in his hand towards an officer and was arrested.

While at the police station, Devlin grabbed a police officer's leg, causing bruising.

Michael Bunch, prosecuting, told Newcastle Crown Court that Devlin was described by officers as "aggressive" and "threatening".

"He continued to be violent and abusive at the police station. He threatened to bite the Pc's head off.

"The defendant, when interviewed, said he recalled being wound up by his partner, but couldn't recall stabbing her."

In another incident on January 8 this year, Devlin became aggressive to his partner and began spitting on the carpet.

When she told him to stop he asked her if she wanted him to punch her in the face with his left or right hand.

Mr Bunch said: "She told him he didn't have to do that. He said it wasn't a question of he had to do it, he wanted to do it, he liked to."

Devlin hit her on the shoulder with a metal pipe and told her he was going to punch her in the stomach.

A neighbour contacted the police and police officers attended the property.

Mr Bunch said: "They found Devlin inside the address smashing up the property.

"They were confronted by the defendant who had a large kitchen knife and a claw hammer cutting at his own arm.

"He swore at the officer, shut himself into a room and said if he came in there he would harm himself with a knife."

Devlin continued to swear at the police officer, who saw several cuts to the defendant's arm.

The officer drew his baton to protect himself before withdrawing from the address.

When Devlin did not calm down they returned and found him armed with a piece of wood. They used a plastic shield to protect themselves before arresting him.

While at the police station, Devlin went on to kick two police officers.

South Tyneside Homes, which owns the property, said the cost of repairs was more than £3,500.

Devlin, of no fixed address, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of common assault, two of affray, two of damaging property and two of assaulting a constable.

Peter Schofield, defending, said Devlin's partner was in court to support him.

He said: "He's been in custody since January11, and it's his first experience of custody. While he's been in custody he's used the mental health services available to him.

"He's very fortunate to have the support of herself and his mother, who's moved back from Wales."

Mr Recorder Ewan Duff told Devlin: "These incidents stem from a relationship with the victim who wishes to forgive you for everything that went on.

"You want to be grateful for that. She, like you, has mental health problems, and you support each other.

"She wishes to resume her relationship with you.

"These horrific incidents do not only involve your partner, but also police officers only trying to do their job.

"There is no possible sentence other than for you to go into prison."

Recorder Duff sentenced Devlin to 26 months in prison.

He told Devlin: "You are going to have to look for help in the future for your problems."