James Bond 007 actor Daniel Craig could star in South Shields writer's film

A South Shields writer could see James Bond actor Daniel Craig star in his film after winning two international awards for his screenplay.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 12:47 pm
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 12:52 pm
Daniel Craig.

Colin Calcutt picked up an International Rising Star prize at the Canada International Film Festival and an International Movie Award at a festival in Asia for his film script, To Live and Die Twice.

The prizes have opened doors for Colin, who is in talks with representatives for Helen Hunt and 007 actor Daniel Craig, who he hopes will take leading roles in his film.

This has come at the same time Colin has been redeveloping a show, which was originally shot in South Shields, called Simonside, which won him recognition as a director at the 2000 Edinburgh Film Festival.

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Simonside, through input from various distributors, has been rewritten to give it an international sales edge and then reworked into a film titled People’s Lives.

The project will be shot on what Colin calls the South Shields Peninsula, from the Mill Dam to the fairground.

Parts of the shoot will be filmed in both London and New York.

Colin is in the process of raising £150,000 for the development, which will be used to package the movie and to secure the additional funds required to shoot the movie.

He has raised part of that budget and is looking at raising the balance from private investors.

Talent spotting for extras and minor parts will be held at music nights, held every Thursday at the Ranch House, in South Shields, in the coming months.

Filming is also set to take place at the venue.

Anyone interesting in investing, should call 07901 965116.