Jarrow road cops hold one-day speed awareness operation

A police speed awareness operation in Jarrow.
A police speed awareness operation in Jarrow.

Police in Jarrow have carried out a one-day operation to prevent speeding motorists.

Officers spent yesterday monitoring the speed of motorists on Roman Road, Croft Terrace and Durham Drive.

A handheld speed gun was used to monitor motorists speed which was then displayed on a screen attached to the roof of a police car.

The initiative aimed to raise awareness of the speed motorists were travelling, in a bid to encourage them to slow down.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Angela Lewis said: "We want motorists to mindful of their speed. It is easy to let the speed your travelling at creep up without noticing but if you are driving too fast this could potentially be very dangerous to other road users.

"Speed limits are in place for very good reason and we need people to take notice of them and take notice of the speed they're travelling to make sure it is not above the limit.

"This is especially important in inclement weather and during the winter months when road conditions may be slippy and stopping times longer.

"Educating motorists about the importance of road safety and being mindful of other road users and the speed they're travelling is absolutely critical in our endeavours to prevent reduce the number of casualties on the our roads."