Joe poster in demand - download yours here

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WOR Joe is certainly a poster boy to his international army of fans.

Our Twitter account has been overrun by people desperate to get their hands on the free Joe poster inside yesterday’s Gazette – but for some it proved too big a challenge.

Jordy Cordier tweeted us saying: “Reading things like that makes me hate I live in Holland.”

American fan Aaron Schaper, from Wichita, Kansas, said: “I started watching him on X Factor clips on YouTube. He sang a song called Dance With My Father.

“It meant a lot to me, because my father died when I was one.

“He sang it beautifully, and I’ve been a Joe addict ever since.”

If you missed yesterday’s Gazette, the poster is now available to download here.

Simply click on the external link ‘Download your Joe poster’ in the panel to the right of this story.