Karate kids rack up a great medals haul

The Dokan squad after a competition in Glasgow.
The Dokan squad after a competition in Glasgow.

Youngsters at a karate club in South Tyneside are celebrating another knockout year.

Members of Boldon’s Dokan club finished the year with a total of 121 gold medals, 130 silver and 181 bronze.

Chief instructor Kevan Mitchinson said: “They are a really dedicated bunch of youngsters and, if they keep training the way they have been, we can look forward to even more success in the future.”

2015 also saw a record number of students going through the grading system, something Mr Mitchinson takes great pride in.

The club currently has about 150 youngsters in training from the Boldon, Whitburn and Sunderland areas.

Mr Mitchinson said: “I think we now have the best junior competition squad in the country at the moment and took part in 11 major competitions in the last year.

“A medal haul of 432 is something for the whole squad to be proud of and we have ended the year with 11 national and 11 international champions.”

He added: “For me, it is not about numbers. It is about introducing more youngsters to the sport and hoping that at least a few will take the plunge and immerse themselves in it.

“The continued success we have had this year can only be a good example to new starters of what can be achieved by training regularly.”

For details about the club and training times, call Mr Mitchinson on 0793 913 0411 or go to www.dokan.co.uk.