Katie lands world record after firing arrow 215 metres – with her feet!

Archer Katie Skinner has achieved the highest UK standard.
Archer Katie Skinner has achieved the highest UK standard.

Archer Katie Skinner has the world at her feet – after taking a very long shot.

Katie, aged 12, can take a bow after landing a new world distance record.

The pupil at St Joseph’s RC Academy in Hebburn shot an arrow 215 metres – the length of two football pitches – at Elvington Airfield in York.

The feat was achieved in the highly technical discipline of foot bow archery – where the bow is positioned on the shooter’s feet – and the aim is to achieve maximum distance.

It is a discipline which requires not only great strength but good accuracy.

Now it has been confirmed that the distance Katie achieved is a world record for her age group.

Katie, a member of Whitburn Archers, became fascinated with the sport when she was on holiday in Chester and has been competing since the age of eight.

Her proud mum Carole Slator said: “It is a very specialised form or archery and Katie’s achievement was even more impressive when you consider that she had to pull a weight of 60 pounds with her arms and legs to draw the bow.

“This form of archery is probably more comparable to yoga because you have 
to position your body and hold your muscles steady to get it just right. It takes very good technique.”

“Safety is always a priority and you can’t make these attempts in built-up areas and that’s why the airfield was ideal.

“When she went there she knew she was going to attempt a world record.”

She added: “She uses very specialised bows and arrows made by Brian Todd, who is a member of Whitburn Archers. The popularity of archery comes in waves and its profile is raised at the time of the Olympics.”

The furthest distance shot with any bow is 2,047 yards.

That was achieved by the late American archer Harry Drake in 1988, using a crossbow.

Harry also set a world record with a footbow, when he shot 2,028 yards. The furthest with a hand-held and pulled bow is 1,336 yards shot by Don Brown, with an unlimited conventional flight bow in 1987.

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