Kickboxer Adam shapes up for title bid

TITLE BID ... coach Garry Nelson with young kickboxer Adam Jensen.
TITLE BID ... coach Garry Nelson with young kickboxer Adam Jensen.

A TEENAGE kickboxer from South Tyneside is aiming for a national title this weekend.

Adam Jensen, 14, will be bidding for the World Kickboxing Authority’s English Under-50kg title when he steps into the ring in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, tomorrow.

But while most fighters undergo weeks of training before a major fight, Adam, a pupil at Harton Technology College, has had less than a week to prepare after only accepting the fight on Sunday.

His coach Garry Nelson said: “Normally competitors have around five to six weeks’ extensive training before they step into the ring. But we’ve only had a week’s notice.

“Luckily, Adam has been training recently alongside others who were getting into shape for competition. That’s one of the reasons we decided to accept the fight.

“I think Saturday is going to be more nerve-racking for me than Adam.

“Once he’s in the ring, there is nothing I can do.”

Since accepting the fight, Adam, of Horsley Vale, South Shields, who has been kickboxing since the age of seven, has stepped up his training schedule.

He has gone for a run every morning before school, and done two to three hours’ training a day on top of that.

He trains at the Kuei-Ling Kickboxing Club, based at the Fight Factory in Frederick Street, Laygate, South Shields.

Mr Nelson said: “Normally I don’t take on anyone under the age of eight, but I’ve known Adam all his life.

“From an early stage, he has always shown an interest in kickboxing.

“Everything I have shown him, he has picked up straight away.

“If there was anyone who could go and compete in a title fight at short notice, it is Adam.”

Adam said: “I’m ready and raring to go.”