Labour Party suspends IRA blunder councillor

FACEBOOK FAUX PAS ... Coun Florence Anderson.
FACEBOOK FAUX PAS ... Coun Florence Anderson.

A LABOUR councillor has been suspended after provoking outrage on social networking site Facebook by “liking” a comment calling for the IRA to bomb a Conservative conference.

Sunderland councillor Florence Anderson is also a member of a Facebook group titled “Margaret Thatcher doesn’t have to be dead before we give her a funeral”.

Her behaviour was branded “disgraceful” by party bosses after the former deputy leader of the council “liked” the comment “We are appealing to the IRA to find it in their hearts to bomb the next Tory conference”.

Coun Anderson has defended previous controversial outbursts, including saying she wanted Margaret Thatcher to “burn in hell”, by saying: “I’m not the deputy leader of the council on Facebook.”

She made the comment on the social networking site while the 85-year-old former Prime Minister lay in hospital receiving treatment for flu.

Conservative Coun Tony Morrissey said Coun Anderson’s suspension was “not surprising”.

He said: “Clearly, she has done it once too often for the Labour Party and they have had enough of it.

“She has been through all this before, but the message doesn’t seem to be registering.”

There were calls on social networking site Twitter for Labour leader Ed Miliband to sack Coun Anderson.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “These comments are disgraceful.

“Florence Anderson has been suspended from the Labour Party with immediate effect in light of this information.”

The Hetton ward representative, a grandmother and Newcastle United supporter, has been a city councillor since 1991.

She was unavailable for comment today.