Lamine Kone 'knew nothing about statement' asking for a transfer

Sunderland manager David Moyes said Lamine Kone was surprised when he was shown the statement he had apparently made asking for a transfer.

David Moyes in the Etihad. Photo: Frank Reid.
David Moyes in the Etihad. Photo: Frank Reid.

Moyes, speaking after his side lost 2-1 at Manchester City, said he expects the big defender to stay on Wearside despite all the speculation about a move to Everton.

And he revealed that when he approached Kone with the statement he is supposed to have issued agitating for a new contract or a move, Kone said he had not seen it, never mind written it.

Kone in action against Man City.

Moyes said: "I expect him to stay. When I pulled him yesterday he knew nothing about his statement. I was disappointed with Sky for doing that without having it reconfirmed by the boy. His name was put to it.

"He was great today and he was great yesterday. We told him we'll look to do a contract in September if that's what was said and we said we've had an offer from Everton as well. So we've not hidden anything."

Fans had reacted passionately after the statement was released and an £18m move to Everton was mooted.

The statement:

Kone in action against Man City.

“After a week in which there has been a vast amount of speculation with regard to my future at Sunderland Football Club, I think that it is only fair to the fans of the club to clarify the situation. “At the end of last season, I was told by the club that I would be offered a new contract.

“Following numerous phone conversations and face to face meetings, the latest of which took place today with David Moyes and Martin Bain, no contract has been forthcoming.

“It is therefore with much regret that I can only assume that I do not figure in David Moyes’ future plans. “With that being the case, it is with much sadness that I have asked the manager and the chief executive to be allowed to leave Sunderland Football Club. “However, until that time I give my word that I will give my upmost (sic) in training and on the field.”