Lawyers plea for former South Shields and Hebburn shipyard workers to come forward

Charles Orr
Charles Orr

Former workers from two South Tyneside shipyards are being called on to share their working environment experiences.

The plea comes from specialist asbestos-related disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell as as they investigate a case involving Charles Orr.

This is yet another terrible case which highlights the impact that asbestos can have on lives.

Roger Maddocks

The 79-year-old from Sunderland, also known as Vernon, was diagnosed with lung cancer after being tested for a strong cough he had since 2016.

It is thought his illness could be linked to contact with asbestos.

Solicitors are appealing for information from anyone, on the working conditions he would have faced while employed by:

Smith Dock Co Ltd, North Shields from September 1955 to October 1960, as well as for a short spell in 1963;

Middle Dock Co Ltd, South Shields from August 1965 to August 1982; and

A&P Ltd, Hebburn from 1989 up until his retirement in September 2004.

Lawyer Roger Maddocks said: “This is yet another terrible case which highlights the impact that asbestos can have on lives, with our client developing lung cancer many years after his contact with the material is thought to have taken place.

“We are determined to help Charles get answers and justice regarding his illness and would be hugely grateful to anyone who could come forward to provide more information on these employers.

“Whether you worked directly alongside Charles or in other areas for the employers, any insight that could be provided may prove vital to our case.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Rebecca Harron at Irwin Mitchell’s on 279 0095 or email