'Leave our coast alone!' - 15 things you said about housing plan for South Shields seafront

Residents have until Friday to share their views on the plans.
Residents have until Friday to share their views on the plans.

Gazette readers have had their say on a major development for part of the South Shields coastline.

And you're not all on board with the plans to bulldoze a pub building in favour of 23 new apartments at Trow Lea.

How the site could look.

How the site could look.

Residents across the borough have until Friday to give their feedback to South Tyneside Council.

The proposals, which would see the end of The Water's Edge, have been lodged by John Waugh, an architect based in Houghton.

A similar scheme was originally brought before the council in 2015 by Kevin Brogan, the owner of the pub. It was withdrawn in February 2016.

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The Water's Edge pub.

The Water's Edge pub.

Many have already responded to the plans, which can be viewed in full on the council's website - with some raising concerns about the impact on wildlife and the environment, and how it will hamper the view of the coastline.

Here's how you reacted on social media:

Mark Bloxham: "This place is screaming out to be converted into some sort of heritage centre, promoting and showcasing the rich history and wildlife of our coastline.

"A nice café, coupled with organised guided walks/bike rides. Pair up with the surf school. Maybe even a motorised little train for trips down to the pier and back."

Pete Davies: "Why not bring The Water's Edge back to life with a full revamp. We could do with a pub/restaurant that end of beach.

"That housing development is a mess, its totally out of character with the rest of the area.

"This our beautiful coast, why even consider ruining it like this."

Kelly Crowther: "There's been a pub there for as long as I can remember and it's often been a shabby looking thing.

"Yet I don't remember any campaigns to have it flattened for being a blot on our coastline?

"Would there be the same level of disapproval if they planned to flatten the old waters edge and rebuild an extended new one?

"Personally, I would love to live down there. Imagine waking up to the beach every single day ... magnificent!"

Jemma Gary Nelson: "I think this is a terrible idea, leave our coast alone, why don't they make it into a nice seaside cafe and ice cream cafe which I think would go nice with the coast line."

Caroline Hailey: "This seems completely out of touch of local feeling and would change the look of the beautiful coastline.

"We need a full consultation and interaction with residents to consider more viable options that is more fitting with the area. I will be making formal rejection of this application to my local councillor."

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Dave Lockney: "This block will be visible from the Coast Road, the only building spoiling the coastline, and is at the gateway to our beautiful coastline and clifftop walks. The landscape of this rugged part of our coastline will change forever."

Bill Paton: "Developers should not be allowed anywhere this close to the coastline. Can’t see any benefit for the local community or economy."

Lisa Wardropper: "As the coastline is also classified as green belt land this is application shouldn’t have even been entertained. Stop building on our open spaces and access to them."

Gary Jukes: "Everyone is unhappy about this but how many people really supported The Water's Edge over the years. It slowly become a ghost pub as no one went to it. Some days and nights it had one or two people in it."

Ttocs Nivek: "What about a mini rescue center for seals etc that could be open to the public with added breading tanks for lobsters etc to show the process of how it goes from stage to stage the same with salmon etc, tourist attraction. Use the same building

"Get the local fisherman and divers etc involved also to get the wild life. Just think of it as a tiny marine center with a restaurant with pub grub and a decent view."

Shellie Coyle: "Anything different to the run building currently there is an improvement. This will bring jobs to the area boost economy. I say yes."

Lauren Emily Younger: "As a teen living in Shields it might be good for some more housing I mean it can’t hurt really shields is crumbing because of its housing and job situation."

Kerry Court: "Personally I would deffo buy one of the flats. Lush setting."

Jo Johnson: "Living here would be amazing can you imagine in the summer time."

Nick Ridley: "Personally I’m thinking a theme park."