Leoni hopes to be crowned a proper little princess

CONTEST HOPES ... Leoni Mcalindon, three, is in the finals of the UK's Princesses and Princes. Below, with mum Lainah.
CONTEST HOPES ... Leoni Mcalindon, three, is in the finals of the UK's Princesses and Princes. Below, with mum Lainah.

LITTLE Leoni Mcalindon is hoping to make her mark on the pageant world at the final of an international competition.

The three-year-old is set to compete in the world finals of the UK Princesses and Princes, in Birmingham, in September.

Leoni and mum Lainah.

Leoni and mum Lainah.

The youngster was entered for the international beauty contest by mum Lainah Scott, 29, of Jarrow.

She will compete against scores of other youngsters aged up to 18 in the one-day pageant, which has a theme of ‘When I Grow Up’.

Lainah said that despite being so young, Leoni can’t wait for the competition.

“It is the first time I have entered anything like this,” she said.

“But I am excited and Leoni is too.

“She is very girly and is always putting high heels on and loves anything to do with make-up.”

Leoni will compete in three rounds of the competiton next month: evening wear, theme wear – When I Grow Up – and out of choice.

She will also have to show off her personality on stage, but Lainah said she has no worries about that.

“She has got a lot of personality,” she said. “She’s very diva-ish – a little madam. I don’t know where she gets it from, actually, because I’m not like that and my other daughter isn’t like that.”

Leoni’s siblings, Sean Mcalindon, five, and Keisha Scott, nine, have been trying to help their sister prepare for the pageant by practising her stage walk.

Lainah, a courier and model, is seeking help with her preparations from beauty queens including Miss Newcastle 2013, Shannon Stienson.

The pair are aiming to take part in a sponsored walk, in aid of the Rainbow Child Foundation, which Lainah is organising ahead of the competition.

The organisation is the chosen charity of the UK Princesses and Princes pageant, which encourages charitable work.

Lainah is hoping to raise as much money as possible for the cause.

“I’m grateful for all the help I can get,” she said.

“I’m organising a walk from Jarrow to Hebburn for Leoni to do – I think that will be the most that she will be able to manage – and I’m hoping more beauty queens will get involved.”

If anyone wants to get involved with the walk, or donate, e-mail lainahscott@yahoo.co.uk.

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