Letter of the week: 'South Shields's new Word library is a waste of space'

So Gary Craig, chairman of South Tyneside Business Forum, thinks if I can't say anything nice about South Shields I shouldn't say anything at all (July 26).

Our writer thinks The Word is a waste of space.
Our writer thinks The Word is a waste of space.

Well Gary, as we live in a democracy I’m entitled to an opinion, even if it rattles your cage.

Furthermore, I still don’t understand why The Word was built in the first place. The site could have redeveloped into an indoor market like Jackie Whites in Sunderland, which would have

been more befitting to the trading area of the town.

The library, which was moved from the relatively new Denmark Centre off Fowler Street, could then have gone back to its rightful home at the town’s museum in Ocean Road – another

waste of space, currently having a stuffed lion on show not to mention half a dozen Lowrie paintings and pictures of old ladies in Dartford Road celebrating HM Queen’s Jubilee visit in


Ken Johnson