Levy could give £500,000 boost to coffers

Householders will have to fork out up to £30 a year to have garden waste removed from their homes if the new green bin collection gets the go-ahead.

Green bin collections are currently carried out on a fortnightly basis between April and October, with this schedule set to remain unaltered by the fee introduction.

Waste which is collected in green bins includes gras cuttings, hedge trimmings, leaves, turf, twigs, weeds and house plants.

The assortment of green waste from across the borough is then handed over to contractors who turn into nutrient-rich compost for farms and gardens, instead of it being sent to landfill.

It is proposed that the charge be brought into force in April of next year.

The standard cost for the service will be £30 per year. However, a discounted rate of £25 per bin per year will be offered to those who sign up before December 31 of this year.

Residents will also have the chance to make a bulk purchase of bin collection for three years at a rate of £65 - a saving of £25 over the period - if they pay before December 31.

Should be the proposals be agreed, presentations will be made at Community Area Forums this month with information leaflets delivered to residents in October.

The leaflets will highlight the benefits to the environment of continuing to recycle green waste and will outline the negative impact of fly tipping.

The council say that the charging measures would bolster town hall coffers bring in an initial £350,000, which this figure rising to £500,000 after the start-up period.