‘Light ranger’ makes poster protest over unpopular traffic lights

PROTEST SIGNS ... a 'Light Ranger' has struck in Ocean Road, South Shields.
PROTEST SIGNS ... a 'Light Ranger' has struck in Ocean Road, South Shields.

A “LIGHT Ranger” has struck at a new traffic system which angry motorists claim is causing major delays in South Shields town centre.

Last year the Gazette revealed that a crusader dubbed the “Line Ranger” had sought “parking justice” in the town’s Beach Road.

Under cover of darkness, the mystery individual – inspired by the fictional Lone Ranger – painted three “Permit Holders Only” signs on the road surface, after responding to homeowners who had become increasingly frustrated at seafront visitors parking illegally outside their homes.

Now, new politically-motivated protest signs have been pinned around a new traffic system in the town.

It comes after the council replaced the roundabout between Ocean Road and Anderson Street with a traffic signal-controlled junction, which it insist will improve road safety.

However, the installation of the lights attracted a largely-negative response from Gazette readers, who left unfavourable comments on our website – www.shieldsgazette.com – about the new system.

Some drivers said the road revamp has led to an increase in journey times of up to 50 minutes – with as many as 100 cars stuck in queues waiting for lights to go green.

In response to those concerns, the signs read: “Honk at the town hall. These idiotic lights. Use your vote. They will listen then.”

When the issue was first raised, a spokesman for South Tyneside Council told the Gazette: “The traffic lights are one of a number of improvements to Ocean Road, aimed at enhancing its safety and attractiveness, and improving road safety at this busy location.

“The improvements will provide a more attractive and safer pedestrian crossing for both residents and visitors to the town, and create an even stronger link between the Riverside at Harton Quays Park with the town centre, and onto the foreshore and Haven Point.

“As with any significant junction improvement we have experienced some delays as the changes at Ocean Road have been implemented.”

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