Little hero Bradley Lowery is taking a break as he sets off on holidays

Bradley Lowery is off on his holidays.
Bradley Lowery is off on his holidays.

Brave youngster Bradley Lowery is off on his holidays today.

The Blackhall youngster, who is battling terminal neuroblastoma, has headed off to take a break with his family.

Mum Gemma, said on the Bradley lowery's fight against neuroblastoma Facebook page: "Well after booking up and having to cancel several holidays the day has come where we are going away to Scarborough for a break.

"Bradley is super excited and is feeling good in himself when he is awake.

"We not sure if we will get to stop the full week yet but we will just take each day as it comes."

Last month the Lowery family got the heartbreaking news that the cancer was spreading at a very fast rate and there were lots of new tumours.

They confirmed he was receiving palliative care at home.