Looking back at Marsden Juniors football club

Readers were certainly on the ball when it came to identifying the officials and players pictured in a photograph of Marsden Juniors which was sent in recently.

Marsden Juniors.
Marsden Juniors.

One of those featured was Jim Calvert, whose nephew Jeff Appleyard got in touch and provided some photos of his own.

He wrote: “Re the photo in the Shields Gazette on Monday, March 11, you were asking who the officials were?

Jim Calvert with an unidentified person.

“Well, on the left is Jim Calvert, and on the right is Ralph Bagley. However, I don’t know the players.

“The photo (above right) shows, Jim with someone I have seen but don’t know his name while another (to the right) is a picture of Jim and Ralph that I took for them at Jim’s house.

“The third photo shows Jim’s wife, my aunt Millie, being presented with flowers for all the work she does for the team.”

Another reader, Ron Metcalf, emailed to say: “My cousin sent me the photo of Marsden Juniors published in the Shields Gazette on March 11.

Jim's wife being presented with flowers for the work done for Marsden Juniors.

“The year would have been 1964, football season 63/64. I joined the team at the beginning of that season in 1963 when I left school. I’m pictured centre, second from left, with dark hair. I left Marsden in January 1965 to sign as a full time professional for Derby County FC.

“We had a very successful side and won everything that season.

“Ralph Bagley right of photo was manager and Jim (surname escapes me) was assistant manager.

“I must admit I cannot remember all the players’ names, but I do some.

“Back row second from left is John Hetherington, who joined at the same time as me as we both went to Ocean Road School. Third from right is Alan Thompson, we both played for South Shields boys together. Far right is Bill Durant who must have been injured as he was the regular centre forward.

“Middle row, to my right (big smile on his face) is Ian Mcpherson, who was my best man. His twin brother, Dave, also played, but is not on the photo. Sadly Ian passed away 18 months ago.

“Front row, sitting in front of Ian, is Dave Russell.

“I hope this helps, it has brought many memories back. I stayed in Derby and married a Derby girl.”