Love birds – romantic pigeons snapped in South Shields

editorial image

WHY do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

That was the question being pondered by amateur photographer Sandra Murphy when she caught these two lovebirds in a picture-perfect pose.

The keen-eyed 70-year-old, a member of South Shields Photographic Society, didn’t even have to leave her home to snap this eye-catching exhibit.

Sandra, of Wentworth, South Shields, had time to pick up her camera and capture a romantic slice of life as the two pigeons puckered up.

She said: “I was very surprised that the picture turned out as it did.

“I saw the two birds so happy with one another and thought it would make for a lovely picture, but I thought when I went to grab my camera, they would have flown away by the time I got back.

“I will be taking the pictures along to the next meeting of the photographic group at St Michael’s Church.”

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