Luke Adams returns to winning form in South Shields Park Run

Luke Adams returned to winning form in the South Shields Park Run at the weekend.

Luke Adams
Luke Adams

Adams, from South Shields Harriers, moved clear of David Colpitts, of Tyne Bridge, over the 5km on the Leas, finishing a minute and seven seconds ahead with 16:47.

Daniel Josephs, also from the Shields club, was thírd in 18:16, with Kíeran Moffat, aged 16, eighth in 18:50 and Andrew Atkinson ninth in 18:57.

Jay Bowley was 10th in 19:02 and first veteran over 40, with Jarrow’s Ben Smith, aged 15, 13th in a personal best time of 19:16 and Darren Parks 15th in 19:22 and second over 40.

Shields’ Mark Wood was 20th in 19:39 and third over 40, with Peter Walker 25th in 20:38 and first over 60.

Ian Stephenson was 31st in 20:55, with Darren Gough 32nd ín a PB of 20:57 and third over 45.

Craig Robe was 33rd in 21:00, with David Triplow 34th in 21:06 and Philip Freestone 38th in 21:15.

Colin Robson finished 41st in 21:25, with Jeff McGurty 44th in a PB of 21:29.

Jarrow’s Patrick McShane was 51st ín 22:07, wíth Shíelds’ Adam Lunn 53rd in 22:22 and Jarrow’s Míke McNally 54th in 22:23 and fourth over 50.


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Shields’ Jonathan Murphy was 58th in 22:57, with Jarrow’s David Smith 64th in 23:35 and fifth over 50.

Michelle Dorrington, of Hedge End Running Club, fínished 21st overall in a míxed fíeld of 260 wíth 19:40 taking the women’s title.

Shields’ Kathryn Foley, a prolific winner of gold medals at national level wíth Chester le Street, was second for Morpeth ín 20:22 and first over 40.

Shields’ Franki Salter was sixth in 21:35, with Jackie Murdy seventh in 21:55 and first over 50 and Susan Burgess 11th in a PB of 25:08.


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Lesley Downey was 21st in 26:47 and second over 55, with Kim Lancaster 28th in 27:19 and Jackie Heads 29th in 27:29 and second over 45.

Jeanette Hewitson was 34th in 28:01 and second over 50, with Sue Barnes 51st ín 29:13 and fírst over 60.

Patricia White was 56th in 29:54 and second over 60 with Jenny O’Callaghan, aged 12, 57th in 29:58.

Suzanne Connor was 60th in 31:52, with Julia Walton 61st in 31:52.


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Michelle Loftus was 64th in 33:17 wíth Cheryl Reay 71st in 34:32 and Amardeep Sudan 87th in 41:12 and third over 55.

Shields’ David Roberts was 65th in 23:41 with Tommy Copp 68th in 23:48 and first over 65.

Danny Ford was 73rd in 23:58, with Daniel Waugh,11, 76th in 24:31 and Paul Forrester 78th in 24:45.

Jarrow’s Barry Pascoe was 84th in 25:00 and second over 65, with Shields’ David Lockney 85th in 25:08 and second over 55.


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Steve Cummings was 94th in 25:37 and fourth over 60, with Alexandr Weston, aged 10, 99th in 26:23 and Míke Effard 108th in 26:55.

Shaun Kinghorn was 121st ín 27:22, wíth Ken McDonald 122nd ín 27:43 and first over 70.

Harry Ayre,10, was 132nd ín 28:22, with Duncan Sorey 141st ín 29:15 and Neil Reay 143rd in 29:23.

Jamíe Ayre,10, was 165th in 34:17, with Kevin Ayre 166th in 34:17.


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Shíelds’ Richard Harrison finished fourth in the Riverside Park Run at Chester le Street with 18:19 for the 5km.

Jonathan Balmer was seventh in the Gateshead Park Run with 19:07 for the 5km in Saltwell Park.

Matthew A tkinson,10, was 118th in the Sunderland Park run with 30:19 for the 5km in the Silksworth Sports Centre.

Dave Whitmore was 142nd in 35:27 and first over 75 and Jarrow’s Joe Prudham was 219th in a field of 552 in the Newcastle Park Run recording 26:39 for the 5km on the Town Moor paths takíng the over 75 award.