Man arrested after police seal off Jarrow street in 13-hour stand-off

A man has been arrested after police sealed off a Jarrow street in a stand-off that lasted almost 14 hours.

A man is led away by police in Saxon Way
A man is led away by police in Saxon Way

A police cordon was put in place around Saxon Way through the night after officers were called to the scene following reports of a disturbance.

Witnesses told the Gazette there had been a notable police presence in the street all day and said they had surrounded an address where a man was inside.

A man is led away by police in Saxon Way

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "Officers were called to a report of a disturbance at an address on Saxon Way, Jarrow at about 11.30pm last night (Monday). "The man was described as being in a distressed state and officers have been negotiating with the man through the night to bring him to safety. "The man was arrested at about 1.10pm and remains in police custody."

One woman said: "The police were already here when we came home about 12 last night. They were here all night trying to negotiate with him. They told him to open the blinds so they could see him.

"They were just talking to him all night. They tried their best to negotiate with him but he still wouldn't come out.

"The police were in the front garden and the back garden. They then smashed the window and threw some smoke bombs in.

Police in Saxon Way, Jarrow.

"You could see the smoke then they went in and two officers brought him out.

"He wasn't shouting or anything, then they put him in the back of the van."

Police in Saxon Way, Jarrow
A police officer on the scene.
A witness told the Gazette there has been a police presence in the area.