Man denies pouncing on women in separate incidents

The trial is taking place at Newcastle Crown Court.
The trial is taking place at Newcastle Crown Court.

Two women were targeted by a sex attacker while out walking alone in separate daytime assaults, a court has heard.

Prosecutors claim Alan Blacker pounced on the victims at public places in South Tyneside during attacks just two weeks apart.

The 39-year-old, of Roseberry Terrace, Boldon Colliery, denies he was the attacker and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told he court: "He has denied being responsible for the offences.

"He said he was known in the area, he had a conviction for a sex offence, his picture had been posted on Facebook and that's the only reason he could put

forward for why these ladies might be mistaken. He was adamant it wasn't him."

The court heard the first victim was groped as she walked to Felgate Metro station in the early morning late last year.

The woman, who cannot be named, told jurors from the witness box her attacker, who approached her from behind on a bike, had then tried to push her towards some bushes and kept saying "you want it".

She told jurors: "It felt like longer but probably lasted no more than two to three minutes."

The woman said she was shaken up by her ordeal, which came to an end when she managed to walk off to a place where there was other people around.

The court heard the second attack happened a fortnight later on a footpath leading from Kirkstone Avenue towards a bus stop near the Boldon Lad pub, in Jarrow.

Miss Dowling told the court the victim was targeted at around lunchtime that day and added: "Someone grabbed her from behind, putting their arm around her waist and his gloved hand over her mouth.

"The male told her 'shush, shut up'. She started to fight him off."

The second woman told jurors from the witness box the ordeal made her "terrified".

She said: "All of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind. Obviously I was scared.

"He grabbed me with his left arm and he put his other hand over my mouth.

"It was very scary. I literally froze because I was so scared."

The woman added: "He tried dragging me but I managed to get him off by trying to kick him and managed to hit him with my ring on.

"He ran back into the bushes."

Blacker denies sexual assault on the first woman and denies common assault and committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence in relation to the second.

The trial continues.