Man jailed for stealing collection of weapons including guns, knife and Samurai swords

John Spedding was sentenced to six months in jail for burglary.
John Spedding was sentenced to six months in jail for burglary.

A burglar who stole a collection of weapons during a break-in at a neighbour's house has been jailed.

John Spedding, 20, took imitation firearms, Samurai swords and a knife during a raid in Aln Street, Hebburn, in August.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the owner of the collection was concerned about the guns ending up on the streets due to their convincingly-real appearance.

He told police: "I don't feel vulnerable or unsafe because of this. I do,however, feel very annoyed about it.

"I am worried about the people who stole them and the consequences for themselves. They look very real."

Spedding was arrested after rumours spread that he was trying to sell some of the stolen items, that he had stashed in a relatives house without their knowledge.

He initially denied involvement in the raid but confessed after he was told his fingerprints had been found on them.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court Spedding got into the house where the weapons were kept when the front door was accidentally left unlocked.

Mr Wardlaw said; "The defendant committed what was, in effect, an opportunistic burglary.

"He stole imitation firearms, which were two rifle and three pistols as well as two Samurai swords and a knife."

Spedding, of Aln Street, Hebburn, admitted burglary and possession of the knives by carrying them through the streets after he stole them.

Miss Recorder Wigin sentenced him to six months behind bars.